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The Cube 460 from Juki Americas is a Selective Soldering Machine that offers excellent flexibility for through-hole applications. It has a machine control PC and PLC (with optional UPS), Windows PC, off-line software for easy programming, live process viewing camera and servo-controlled axis movement with high-performance belts lead screws. This machine supports circuit board dimensions from 20 x 20 mm to 460 x 460 mm (0.79” x 0.79” / 18” x 18”), with soldering angle options of 0° or 7°, bottom side clearance of 30 mm (1.2”), and top side clearance of 150 mm. It has a flux system with Micro-Dot Drop-Jet flux head, spray fluxer, alcohol-based flux, and a second flux pot for different flux types. This machine includes a pre-heat system type with Quartz IR emitters (4kW power), and a built-in over PCB top side maintenance/pre-heater.

The Cube 460 has a solder pot with options for alloy (Tin Lead or Lead Free), volume for lead-free (45 kg) and tin-lead (50 kg), extra mini wave module with individual functioning nozzles measuring from 4 to 20 mm (0.15” – 0.79”). It has a warm-up time of approximately 45 minutes and a program-controlled solder temperature. This machine presents a standard dual wave configuration with Lambda & Chip Wave, complemented by A3 Zone Top/Bottom Pre-Heat options in both IR and Convection. With its integrated fluxing system, this cost-effective selective soldering system delivers exceptional flexibility for through-hole applications. Designed for lead-free production, it combines affordability, flexibility, and efficiency, boasting fast programming, easy setup, and maintenance, making it an ideal solution for diverse soldering needs.

The Cube 460 is available in an enclosure that features measures 2000 x 1550 x 1250 mm and weighs approximately 800kg.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Juki Americas
  • Description
    CUBE-460: Efficient and Flexible Selective Soldering Solution by Juki Americas

General Parameters

  • PCB Size
    20 x 20, 460 x 460 mm
  • Top Clearance
    150 mm
  • Bottom Clearance
    30 mm
  • IR Heater Power
    4 kw
  • Solder Temperature
    330 Degree C
  • Flux Volume
    5 litre
  • Heating Time
    45 min
  • N2 Consumption
    40 litre
  • Nozzle Diameter
    4 to 20 mm
  • Power Supply
    208 VAC
  • Repeatability
    ± 0.15 mm
  • Net Weight
    800 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    2000 x 1550 x 1250 mm

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