Solder Paste Inspection Equipment by Mycronic AB (1 more product)

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The PRIMO from Mycronic AB is a Solder Paste Inspection Equipment for PCB sizes of 51 x 51 mm to 762 x 533 mm. It supports a PCB thickness of 1-7 mm and a maximum PCB weight of 5 kg. This machine has an automatic width adjustment conveyor with a conveying height of 830 -930 mm and a length of 1250 mm. The Conveyor has a top, bottom, and edge clearance of 20 mm, 50mm, and 3 mm respectively. This machine is equipped with a 160 Mpix Camera with a 12-bit CMOS Sensor having an image resolution of 15 &mum. The machine features an inspection speed of 3 sec per Field of view and has a SMEMA interface.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Mycronic AB
  • Description
    3D Solder Paste Inspection Equipment for PCB Sizes from 51 x 51 mm to 762 x 533 mm

General Parameters

  • Field of View
    350 mm x 55 mm
  • Defects
    Insufficient Paste, Excessive Paste, Missing paste, Bridge, Shape 2D, Shape 3D
  • Measurement
    Height, Area, Volume, O?set, Bridging, Shape 2D/3D, Coplanarity
  • PCB Size
    762 mm x 533 mm
  • Imaging Speed
    3 s per FOV

Technical Documents

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