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The HW450 from PCB Unlimited is a Wave Soldering Equipment that uses dual wave to solder electronic components on Printed Circuit Boards. It has a solder pot capacity of 500 kg which ensures that refueling is kept to a minimum and large amounts of solder can be used at a given time. The equipment is designed to operate on PCBs ranging in size from 50 mm to 450 mm and the direction for solder flow is from both left to right and right to left end of the PCB. It can heat the solder to a temperature of 300°C with the help of 3 preheating zones, which require a preheat power of 13.5 kW, and take about 150 min (setting 250°C) to warm up. 

The HW450 has a conveyor angle of 4 to 7° that helps in easy accessibility to electronic components attached at different angles in the PCB, while proper soldering is promoted by an efficient Conveyor Speed of 500 - 1800 mm/min, that prevents solder dewetting. The general power has a power capacity of 32 kW with a running power of 8 kW, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With an intuitive user interface powered by an industrial PC and Siemens PLC, the system allows for easy control and parameter management. Users can input target temperatures directly into the program and monitor the actual temperature with a clear display.

The Flux Spraying System offers enhanced performance for PCB applications. Its perpendicular orientation ensures even distribution across the PCB, improving flux penetration and enhancing solder metal adhesion. The system features a modularized solder pot made of 10 mm thick cast iron, which maintains its shape during heating and provides uniform heating through perfect contact with the heater. It uses graphite insulation which protects against moisture and corrosion, while the ceramic-coated pot offers a smooth surface for longevity. Additionally, the system includes sturdy conveyor fingers designed to withstand heavy loads, making it suitable for both bare PCBs and 5 kg weight carriers.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    PCB Unlimited
  • Description
    Wave Soldering Equipment for PCB Dimensions up to 450 mm

General Parameters

  • Wave
    Dual Wave
  • Solder Pot Capacity
    500 kg
  • Preheat Zones
    3 zones
  • PCB Size
    50 - 450 mm
  • PCB Direction
    Left to Right, Right to Left
  • Conveyor Angle
    4 - 7 Degree C
  • Conveyor Speed
    500 - 1800 mm/min
  • General Power
    32 kW
  • Preheat Power
    13.5 kW
  • Running Power
    8 kW
  • Power Supply
    3PH, 380V, 50 Hz
  • Warm-Up Time
    150 min (setting 250 Degree C)
  • Controlling System
    PC + PLC
  • Max Preheat 1 Temp
    Room temperature - 200 Degree C
  • Solder Temperature
    300 Degree C
  • Net Weight
    2100 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    4450 x 1500 x 1700 mm

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