LaserMicronics (LPKF Group)

LaserMicronics (LPKF Group)

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Under the LaserMicronics brand, LPKF offers contract manufacturing in the field of laser micromachining. Offerings range from small batches to series production. Specialized application engineers use the leading LPKF laser technology and ensure technically superior and high-quality products as well as cost-effective production in short processing time.

Scope of Services:

Laser Depaneling Services: Cutting Edges without burr, cutting of extremely fine contours, depaneling of assembled circuit board, ask more benefits. 

Laser Cutting of Metal Parts: Almost any contours and cutouts possible with a material thickness of up to 4 mm, high-cutting edge quality, ask for more benefits.

ITO Laser Processing: Invisible structuring of transparent ITO coatings, no damage to the substrate, ultra fine structures with & more

Supported PCB Services

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Assembly Capabilities

LaserMicronics provides printed circuit board services post-fabrication and before the board goes in for assembly. They use lasers to cut printed circuit boards of various materials efficiently, cleanly, and cost-effectively. They also provide laser drilling services that are used to create vias and blind vias on sophisticated PCBs, catering to the demands of high-density interconnect (HDI) technology. They work with a wide range of materials that include RCC, FR4, FR5, Teflon®, and Thermount®.

Design Capabilities

This company provides PCB Design services.

Stencil Capabilities

This company fabricates PCB Stencils.

PCB Repair / Rework Services

LaserMicronics uses UV lasers to repair and rework circuit boards. This is a precise, quick and cost-effective approach especially for complex and expensive multilayer boards.

PCB Repair with UV Lasers Provides:

  • Clean copper surfaces and cutting edges
  • Selective material processing; the base copper is not damaged
  • Processing of assembled printed circuit boards possible
  • Contact-free material processing - no mechanical stress on material and components
  • Low, localized thermal influence - therefore no material distortion
  • No protective cover necessary
  • High precision and positional accuracy of the cut edges through automatic registration
  • High flexibility
  • Fast and cost-effective

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