Prototype PCB Assembly

A list of PCB Assembly Companies that assemble prototype PCB boards. PCB Directory is the largest directory of PCB Assembly companies on the internet. Use the filters provided to find PCB Assembly service providers based on their location and capabilities.

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Prototype PCB Assembly

PCB assembly prototyping is the initial stage of a PCB Project development cycle. During PCB prototype assembly the components are added to the PCB board by hand solder, pick and place machines or using an automated machine. Hand soldering is done is the quantity is low and the number of components that need to be placed on the board is not too high. If the board is very big and has a large number of components and the quantity of PCBs required for the prototype are reasonably high (like 50) then an automated process can be used to assembly the PCB boards.

On this page, PCB Directory has listed PCB companies that assemble prototype PCB boards in small quantities. Users can narrow down on the list of companies based on their location and capabilities.

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