Get Quotations from Multiple PCB Manufacturers by Filling Out a Single Form

PCB directory is the largest database of manufacturers and fabricaters on the internet. One of the tools that we developed helps engineers save time and money. It is the first PCB quotation tool that lets users get quotations on their PCB requirement from multiple manufacturers and fabricators by filling out a single form. This is the first tool of its kind. You simply specify your requirement and select the manufacturers from who you would like to get a quotation. We send out your requirement to the list of companies that you have selected. They then get back to you with the details.

As you enter your requirements we narrow down the list of manufacturers to those who can support your requirement. You can then further narrow down the list by selecting the Country and State of the manufacturer. Its that simple, the steps to do this can be seen below. In case you want to try it out directory Click here to Get PCB Quotations.

Step 1: Sign-up 

You need to sign up/sign in to use the PCB Quotation Tool. You can register with us by entering an email id and passowrd, or sign in using Google, Facebook or Linkedin.


Step 2: Filter Manufacturer and Select Manufacturer

Once you sign up, you will see a list of Manufacturer from whom you can get a quotation for your PCB requirement. You can filter down the list based on the capabilities that you are looking for i.e you can enter the number of layers you require, the PCB Board Type that you need - Rigid, Flex etc. You can also specify the board material that you need your circuit to be manufactured on. As you enter these parameters, the list of manufacturers will filter down to include only those companies who can support your requirement.

You can then further narrow down the list of manufacturers based on their location. At any point, you can start to tick the manufacturers from whom you would like a quotation.

Step 3: Enter Your PCB Requirement 

Once you have decided on the manufacturers from who you would like a quoation, you can fill out the form below in Step 3. This form consists of your PCB requirement - Enter the details like the board dimension, quantity required, timeline, layers, baord thickness and all other relevant parameters, that will enable the manufacturer to provide you a quotation. You can even upload your PCB design file here. Once you complete the form click on 'Continue' at the bottom of the form.

Step 4: Enter your Details

Once you have select the manufacturers and filled out your PCB requirement. You will see a summary of your requirement, if all seems ok, fill out the form that asks for your details i.e  Name, email, company, telephone etc. This information will be sent to the manufacturers with your PCB requirement. Click on 'Get Quotations' to submit your requirement. Your requirement will then be sent to the list of manufacturers that you selected.

PCB Quotes Details

Now you can wait for all those manufacturers to get back to you with a quotation on your requirement. Its that simple! Now you can be sure that you will get the best deal on your PCB Fabriation requirement.

Click here to try out the PCB Quotation Tool.


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