How to Update a Profile on PCB Directory

How to Update a Profile on PCB Directory

PCB directory being the largest database of manufacturers and fabricators on the internet, we always aim to keep our website and manufacturer details up-to-date to help users to be well aware of the latest developments and listings. And thus we expect our listed manufacturers to also keep their respective profiles updated with the latest and actual info. Updating a user or a manufacturer profile is quite easy and can be done with just few simple steps. Follow the steps given below to get a better understanding.

STEP 1: Log-in to Your Profile

If you already have a manufacturer listed* on PCB Directory or have claimed** a manufacturer, then you must have a logging id which basically is your registered email id. Use the same registered id and password to log in your profile.

Once you log-in you will be taken to your specific user page listing your details filled at the time of registration or manufacturer claiming.

NOTE: *Click here to know how to Add/List a Manufacturer.

            **Click here to know how to Claim a Manufacturer.

STEP 2: Manufacturer Profile Update

Now that you have the Profile page in front of you, you can make the required changes as required to your own profile or else click on Manage Your Company Profile option on the side. This takes you to your respective listed/claimed manufacturer.

Company Details: These outline the basic details about the manufacturer like name, contact info, address, website, email etc. It is advised to keep these details updated and accurate all the time as they are visible on the Manufacturer profile on the website and help users to connect with their desired manufacturers.

Profile Text and Logo: In the Profile Text section, provide a short summary about your company. Try to keep the summary short and to the point to help users understand your company better. Upload your company logo in the Logo section.

Social Media: Social media platforms are always considered as a generic way to connect with respective users and inform about your latest developments. In the following boxes add your specific social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs etc. This allows users to get to know your presence on social media platforms and help connect better.

PCB Description (Layers, Prototype/ Production TimeLine etc): These details help users to know about the manufacturer’s PCB offerings. Fill in these details accurately as according to your product offerings to give a clear knowledge about your products and the time required to prepare or disperse the same.

NOTE: Details like Prototype time line and production time line carry a lot of importance for users to decide on respective manufacturers and thus updated and accurate information helps to attract larger number of users.

PCB Spec Support: This section helps you to give an updated and detailed info regarding your offerings. The values filled in here are directly visible on the website frontend and are also useful in finding your products through search results. Since we PCB Directory try to give our users a user friendly approach, accurate information updated by a manufacturer helps us to streamline the search results for our users, connecting the right manufacturer with the right user. Click on the + sign to choose the right value.

Order Type: This provides info about the type of order the user wants to place i.e. a Prototype or a Production order.
PCB Configuration: This helps the user to know if the PCB is single or double sided.
PCB Board: This section describes the type of PCB mentioned like Flex, Rigid, Hybrid etc.
PCB Type: This helps to know the material, on which the PCB is based or built like Aluminum, Ceramic, Metal-based etc.
Material: This describes the main material composition of the PCB, such as, Polyester, Teflon, Kapton etc.
Material Brand: From here, select the brand whose material is being used for the PCB.
Material Brand Series: Once you have selected the Material Brand, choose or mention the particular Brand material series of the material mentioned earlier.

Documents: Use this section to upload related documents, images or other media items about the company or its offerings. To upload, click on Browse, and upload the file from the respective location.

PCB Capabilities:

Once completed or updated, click on Update Company Profile button at the bottom of the page. Voila! your profile is updated.

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