MYPro I81

MYPro I81

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment by Mycronic AB (4 more products)

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The MYPro I81 from Mycronic is an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment. It is designed for inspecting PCBs measuring from 51 x 51 mm to 533 x 609 mm, 0.5 to 4 mm in thickness, and a maximum weight of 3 kg. This AOI equipment features high-resolution cameras with a fully telecentric lens to capture high-quality RGB images for inspection and review. It features high-performance 3D sensors to combine vertical laser and angled cameras to avoid projection shadows, optimized angles to minimize intrinsic shadow effects and adaptive height filtering that adapts the sensor’s sensitivity to component geometry. This AOI machine has a camera with a field of view (FOV) of 60.5 x 60.5 mm and produces images with a resolution of 3.45 µm.  

The MYPro I81 utilizes next-generation Iris™ 3D Vision Technology that enables high-quality 2D and 3D image capture at speeds up to 30% faster than K3D technology. It maintains easy camera movement with a top, bottom, and edge clearance of 40 mm, 60 mm, and 3 mm, respectively. This AOI machine employs MYPro Review which provides operators an easy way to make pass/fail diagnoses at a glance. By automatically correlating SPI and AOI results into a single on-screen overview, it not only provides a highly accurate and simplified defect classification system but also helps fine-tune SPI tolerances for optimal first-pass yield. It has an overall dimension of 1110 x 1351 x (1975 - 2075) mm and runs on a single-phase AC supply of 230V (50 Hz, 10A).  

The MYPro I81 can measure the component body, leads, and solder joints with the utmost accuracy to catch defects, such as component missing, tombstone, polarity, solder joint defects, and bridging. The equipment uses a Windows 10 64-bit operating system that captures images under an Axial and peripheral LED with holographic lighting. 

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    MYPro I81
  • Manufacturer
    Mycronic AB
  • Description
    AOI Equipment to measure the solder joints with utmost accuracy

General Parameters

  • PCB Size
    533 to 280 mm
  • Resolution
    3.45 µm
  • Field of View
    60.5 x 60.5 mm
  • Defect Analysis
    Component Missing, Component Missing, Tombstone, Polarity, Solder Joint Defects, Bridging
  • Component Height
    - 5 to 20 mm
  • Conveyor Height
    860 to 960 mm
  • Lighting
    Axial and peripheral LED with holographic diffuser
  • PCB Thickness
    0.5 to 4 mm
  • PCB Weight
    3 kg
  • Positioning Accuracy
    0.1 µm
  • Power Supply
    Single phase 230V, 50 Hz, 10A
  • Top Clearance
    40 mm
  • Bottom Clearance
    60 mm
  • Edge Clearance Top
    3 mm
  • Operating System
    Windows 10, 64-bit
  • X-Y Axis Resolution
    3.45 µm with subpixel technology - 13.7 µm native
  • Z-Axis Resolution
    Constant resolution of 1 µm over a 25 mm range in Z
  • Net Weight
    900 kg
  • Machine Dimension
    1110 x 1351 x (1975 - 2075) mm
  • Humidity
    20 - 75 % (Without Condensing)

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