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The POWERFLOW PRO from Kurtz Ersa is a Wave Soldering System that is designed for manufacturing environments, in which floor space is the main priority. It has a partially modular design that provides all the essential options in a compressed form. This system has intelligent nitrogen control which guarantees optimized N2 consumption and cost efficiency. It has individually expandable preheating concept that offers the option to extend process length. Options include medium or short-wave infrared emitters or convection modules (convection heaters can also be installed above the conveyor in the process tunnel). 

The POWERFLOW PRO is operated via touch panel or PC. The optional machine PC offers an extensive range of functions for the user, such as a display for the process recorder and the soldering report. It uses the award-winning database-based operating software ERSASOFT 5 which is ready for Industry 4.0. The software is neatly designed and allows intuitive and safe handling of the machine for the user. Soldering programs can be stored in the software and activated manually or via a coding on the solder frame later on. The control system continuously monitors all relevant unit states and shows their actual values and operating conditions on the operating panel.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Kurtz Ersa
  • Description
    Partially-Modular Wave Soldering System with Full Nitrogen Tunnel

General Parameters

  • Solder Pot Capacity
    525 to 630 kg
  • Wave Width
    up to 458 mm
  • PCB Size
    up to 100 mm
  • Conveyor Speed
    3 m/min
  • Overall Dimensions
    4450 x 1400 x 1600 mm

Technical Documents

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