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What is PCB Depanelling Equipment?

Size standardized panels are used by the PCB manufacturers to ease the production process. It helps them to process multiple boards at one go. After completion of the process, these PCBs need to be removed from the panel. Multiple solutions exist for PCB removal, like punching, V-scoring, wheel cutting, routing, and laser depanelling.

PCB Depanelling Equipment is used to separate PCB boards with a pre-defined dimension from the panel. A good depanelling machine must minimizes the mechanical stress while isolating the PCBs accurately and smoothly without any damage on the surface or assembled parts and components. 
There are two methods of laser cutting when it comes to PCB board depaneling. CO2 lasers, which operate at high energy levels and produce a very hot cut. The second method is UV laser systems that require less power than the CO2 method.

Key Specifications

  • Cutting Speed: The speed at which the equipment cuts.
  • Moving Speed: The rate at which the equipment moves over the panel to cut accurate PCB boards.
  • Cutting Accuracy: How efficiently the machine cuts the board from the panel.
  • Control method: PC-based or Manual
  • Power Consumption: Power required to perform depanelling.
  • Interface: Communication interfaces to initiate the action or to halt the action.
  • Dimension: The rea required by the machine is defined by its dimension.

PCB Directory has listed PCB Depanelling Equipment from the leading manufacturers. Narrow down on the products based on their capabilities or by location of the manufacturer. Once you find products that meet your requirement, you can compare products, view details specs, download spec sheets or datasheets and then request a quote for the products.

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