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  • Testing: Flying Probe Testing

What is PCB Flying Probe Testing (FPT)?

Flying probe testing (FPT) is a test used to evaluate the proper operation of components on a PCB board. In this test, two or more probes are programmed to move across the board in the air and access the component pins one by one to detect faults like Opens, Shorts, Resistance values, Capacitance values, and Component Orientation.

These probes have high precision needles which are programmed to fly over the board and test various pins on the board.

How is Flying probe testing (FPT) performed?

It can be performed through the following steps:

Step 1: The board under test travels to the internal tester through a conveyer belt.

Step 2: The probes are programmed to fly over the board and test specific points on the board.

Features of Flying Probe Testing:

  • FPT has fast checking speed and precision since it is software-based.
  • The probe can be moved easily from one node to another to provides better precision and accuracy for copper pad placement and solder joints.
  • Suitable for small volume production testing
  • Tests each component individually and can test LEDs as well
  • It doesn’t require test points as it uses vias embedded on the board as the test points.
  • A flying probe tester is equipped with a camera to identify missing components and to check the component polarity.
  • It is Cost-effective and can test both sides of the board
  • Since FPT is software supported, it is easier for the design engineers to take feedback in the case of any error.
  • Better access to nodes through vias, leads and SMT lands

This page lists PCB Assembly companies that can do Flying Probe Testing. Use the filters to narrow down on companies based on their capabilities and location.

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