28.350 Compact Wave Solder Machine

28.350 Compact Wave Solder Machine

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The 28.350 Compact Wave Solder Machine from Manncorp is designed for budget conscious assemblers with intermediate to heavy throughput requirements. It features an auto-cleaning titanium finger conveyor with motorized width adjustment that handles PCBs up to 13.8" (350 mm) wide. This machine can be configured with dual waves to accommodate through-hole, surface mount and mixed-technology assemblies. It includes an automatic internal spray fluxing system in which a precision spray nozzle assembly is mounted to a reciprocating Y-axis drive mechanism to ensure even and accurate application of flux. The system adjusts automatically to accommodate the PCB size and utilizes a high-precision, low-pressure atomizer to provide excellent coating and through-hole penetration.

After flux application, boards enter a two-zone high-capacity forced hot air convection preheat with independent zone temperature controls to allow precise thermal profiling for proper flux activation and optimal solder wetting as assemblies enter the wave module. This machine also includes a high-capacity 200 kg lead-free-ready titanium-alloy solder pot and color LCD touch-panel control. It is available in an enclosure that measures 3500 x 1390 x 1600 mm and requires a 3-phase AC supply of 220 V.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    28.350 Compact Wave Solder Machine
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    350 mm Compact Wave Solder Machine

General Parameters

  • Wave
    Dual Wave
  • Solder Pot Capacity
    200 Kg
  • Wave Width
    350 mm
  • Wave Height
    10 mm (0.4")
  • PCB Size
    350 mm
  • Conveyor Angle
    4° to 7° (adjustable)
  • Conveyor Speed
    0.5 - 2.2 m/min (20" - 87"/min)
  • General Power
    23.7 kW
  • Power Supply
    220 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz 23.7 KW, 70A
  • Controlling System
    Color Touch Screen / PLC
  • Solder Temperature
    Ambient - 300°C (Ambient - 572°F)
  • Air Supply
    0.4 MPa (60 psi)
  • Net Weight
    990 kg (2180 lbs.)
  • Overall Dimensions
    3500 x 1390 x 1600 mm

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