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PCB Fabrication for the Telecom Sector

Telecom PCBs provide mechanical support and electrical connections to the electronic components for various telecommunication devices. Such PCBs are used in almost each and every telecom device, from indoor to those used at offices and also designed to sustain conditions like fluctuating temperatures and extreme weather like base stations. 

The Telecommunication industry is growing constantly in terms of advancements in networking and telecom solutions. Size and weight reduction are also important while adding features to cater to the high-performance requirements in existing 4G, 5G, Optical, Thermal Management, and signal integrity requirements. Metal-backed PCBs are used to support optimal operating conditions. Ceramic and Teflon are the commonly used PCB material to minimize the wear and tear challenges during Telecom PCB designing.

Some of the most common applications of the telecommunication industry that make efficient use of PCBs are:

Wireless communication systems, Mobile phone tower systems, Electronic data storage devices, Cell transmission and tower electronics, Communication technology used in space, Signal boost systems (online), Video conferencing technologies, Video collaboration systems, High-speed servers and routers, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Telephonic switching systems, PBX systems, Security technology and information communication systems, Technology for commercial phones, Land wired communication systems, Communication systems used in military and defense applications, and Digital & analog broadcasting systems.

Telecom PCBs should be light, durable and best at heat transfer. For example, Surface mount PCBs are suitable for home networking equipment and handheld radios. Through-hole PCBs are feasible for applications, where additional durability is required since they offer a strong bond between components and pads.



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