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CEM-3 PCB Boards

Composite epoxy materials (CEMs) are made by combining two or more materials having different chemical and physical properties to achieve the desired substrate material with unique properties and characteristics. CEMs are generally used in PCBs as a substrate material.

The PCB boards which use woven glass fabric and paper (cellulose) along with epoxy as the substrate material are called CEM-3 PCB boards. This material is milky-white in colour and widely used in the manufacturing of double-layer PCBs.

CEM-3 has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It shows outstanding tolerance for mechanical processes like milling and punching. CEM-3 has lower mechanical strength compared to FR4, but it is cheaper than FR4. This material has excellent solder heat endurance and is compatible with lead-free soldering.

CEM-3 printed circuit boards are now widely used in automotive electronics, telephones, household appliances, instrumentation, and fax machines.

PCB Directory has listed the leading CEM-3 PCB fabricators and manufacturers and made them searchable through their location and capabilities. You can select the country or state to narrow down on local CEM-3 PCB manufacturers or companies that can develop your printed circuit boards who are close to where you are located. In addition to this, you can also select the capabilities that you are looking for in a CEM-3 PCB supplier, like - Number of Layers, Type of Board, board thickness etc. - We narrow down the list to show you the companies who can cater to your requirement.



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