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FR-1 PCB Laminates

FR1 or Flame Retardant 1 is the NEMA designation for Synthetic Resin Bonded paper made up of phenol formaldehyde resin which is used as Printed Circuit Board Laminates having a glass transition temperature as high as 120-130 Degrees. 

They provide excellent electrical and mechanical properties to the PCB and are relatively cheaper than other PCB’s which is the major reason for the major usage of FR-1 laminates in construction of PCB material.

They are widely used for manufacturing low end consumer electronic equipments on the PCB board. They are extensively used in components where electrical insulation is required such as a printed circuit board. They have great capability for mechanical processing such as punching and miling that allows the PCB to withstand great even high mechanical pressure. 

FR-1 laminates are used extensively used in PCB’s to provide superior heat resistance and smooth surface finish to the board. They are highly durable as compared to other laminates. When compared to FR-4 (the most commonly used PCB laminate), FR-1 has a similar Tg of 130 Degrees, but is not as efficient.

You may find that many PCB manufacturers only provide one: FR-1 or FR-2 laminates as options for PCB boards and not both, as the only real difference between the two is that FR-1 has a slightly higher glass transition temperature Tg. The rest of the parameters are all the same.

Key Paramters of FR-1

Paramter Value
Dielectric Constant  4-5
Dielectric Dissipation Factor 0.025 - 0.035
Glass Transition Temperature 130 Degrees C
Resistance of Copper Foil 3.5 Ohms/cm
Volume Resistivity 5 x 1011 Ohms/CM3
Insulating Resistance 1-5 x 107


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