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PCB Directory is the largest online resource for Aluminium PCB suppliers. Use the filters to discover companies based on capabilities and preferences. Aluminium PCBs feature conductive traces primarily made of aluminium, ensuring excellent conductivity and heat dissipation for diverse electronic applications. Explore our extensive directory of Aluminium PCB Manufacturers on PCB Directory.

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What are Aluminium PCBs?

Aluminium-based Printed Circuit Boards use an Aluminium alloy as a base material for the PCB i.e. the dielectric layer is sandwiched between the Aluminum alloy and circuit layer. The Aluminum alloy is a composite of magnesium and silumin (Al-Mg-Si).

Aluminum based PCBs are part of the Metal Core PCB family and deliver excellent thermal conductivity and insulation.

Key Advantages of Aluminium Based PCBs:

  • They deliver excellent thermal conductivity and insulation as compared to Fiberglass (FR4) PCBs. 
  • Can be used for for through-hole technology
  • Aluminum PCBs offer good heat dissipation where the dielectric layer absorbs heat when current flows through the circuit layer. This heat is then transferred to the Aluminum core where it gets dissipated. This thermal dissipation also offers easy implementation of high power and high-density circuit designs.
  • Cost-efficient as they eliminate the requirement of heat sinks
  • Aluminum-based PCBs are environment-friendly as Aluminum is non-toxic, recyclable metal. 
  • Such PCBs are very durable as their base material; Aluminum offers resistance to accidental breakages during manufacturing and everyday use. Aluminum is stronger than FR4 and Ceramic.
  • Aluminum-based PCBs are lighter in weight.

Key applications for Aluminum based PCBs include LED, Automotive Lighting, Traffic Lighting, Power Converter, Consumer Products etc.

PCB Directory has listed Aluminum-based PCB manufacturers from all over the world. You can narrow down on the list of Aluminum-based PCB fabricators by their country and state. View each companies profile to see their capabilities and what certifications they have. PCB Directory is the largest database of PCB Companies on the internet.



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