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Single-sided PCB Assembly

Single-sided PCB assembly is the most economical and simplest form of a PCB assembly. It has components on one side of the board using any of the surface mounting, plated through-hole technology or both.

Single-sided PCB assembly is easier to do and is much cheaper than double-sided PCB Assembly. However single-sided boards tend to be larger in size as they have all components on one side.

The single-sided PCB assembly can be:

  • Single-sided SMT Assembly (reflow soldering)
  • Plated Through Hole Assembly (wave soldering)
  • Both SMT+Through Hole Assembly (single-sided Mixed PCB Assembly)

While designing a Single-sided mixed PCB assembly, through-hole component are always placed (wave soldering) after fixing the SMT components (reflow soldering). In a nutshell, the wave soldering cannot be performed before the reflow soldering procedure, as it is a process used for selective components only.

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