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Agile Circuit Co., Ltd

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Agile Circuit Co., Ltd is a customer-orientated company specialized in providing solutions for an extensive range of custom circuit boards with good quality, high efficiency at competitive prices. We supply PCB boards for a wide range of applications, such as computer, telecommunication, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control, aerospace, medical, military and other electronic assembly industries. Start from 2003, we are growing from offering customers with single service of printed circuit boards to support comprehensive service with advanced circuits, PCB porotypes, mass PCB production, PCB assembly, parts purchasing in one stop PCB turnkey solutions. Our goal is to be your best reliable partner helping you finish from the PCB design to the custom circuit boards products. Our mission is to save time & cost for you, reduce the possible risk to find the responsibility of multiple suppliers included. We continuously innovating and expanding our products and services, more

PCB Repair / Rework Services

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Stencil Capabilities

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Design Capabilities

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Design Service

We provide some PCB layout design by advanced tools and skillful designers, together with PCB fabrication and assembly.

Our one stop solution could be from PCB layout design to PCB fabrication and assembly. The service is under strong leadership of team management and quality control. We are specializing in developing and fabricating PCB single sided, double sided up to 26 layers.

Assembly Capabilities

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Assembly Type
PCB Sides
Board Shape
  • Any
  • Yes
  • Conformal Coating
Fine Pitch
  • Yes
BGA Pitch
  • Yes
Parts Procurement
  • Yes
Soldering Type
Package Type
File Format
Order Type

Fabrication Capabilities

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PCB Board
Order Type
PCB Configuration
  • Up to 26 Layers
Board Thickness
  • 0.02 - 0.12 Inches
  • 2 Days (Prototype), 1 Week (Production)
Board Dimensions
  • 250 mm x 1200 mm
PCB Type
Material Brand


Layout count1~26
Board thickness0~6.0mm

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