Asian Circuits Inc

Asian Circuits Inc

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  • United States, California, Dublin
  • 1-888-371-5478
  • 11501 Dublin Blvd., #200 Dublin, CA 94568 United States

Asian Circuits Inc., with its head-quarters in Dublin, California, United States, and production facilities in China, has emerged as a well known turn-key Printed Circuit Board assembly service provider for low- to mid-volume electronic contract manufacturing. Asian Circuits is well known for providing economical one-stop PCB assembly services, including PCB fabrication, sourcing of components, and complete electronic PCB assembly. With a state of the art facility and modern technology, we cater to customers primarily located in the United States and Canada in a broad spectrum of industries.

Supported PCB Services

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Asian Circuits Inc

Asian Circuits Inc

Fabrication Capabilities

This company provides PCB Fabrication services.
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PCB Board
Order Type
  • Up to 30 Layers
Board Thickness
  • 0.008 - 0.24 Inches
  • 1 to 10 Days
Board Dimensions
  • 381 x 508 mm Max
PCB Type
Material Brand
Manufacturers by City

Assembly Capabilities

This company provides PCB Assembly services.
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Board Type
Assembly Type
PCB Sides
Time Line General
  • 1 - 4 Days
Prototype Time
  • 9-15 Days
Board Size
  • 15 x 20 Inches
Board Shape
  • Rectangular Round Slots and Cut outs Complex and Irregular
Fine Pitch
  • 8 mils
Soldering Type
Package Type
File Format
Order Type

Design Capabilities

This company provides PCB Design services.
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Stencil Capabilities

This company fabricates PCB Stencils.
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PCB Repair / Rework Services

This company provides PCB repair / rework services.
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