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PCB Directory is the largest directory of HDI PCB suppliers on the internet. Explore our list of reputable HDI PCB manufacturers. Optimize your search based on specific requirements with our filtering options.Tailoring space with compact designs and advanced interconnection technology, High-Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Boards are crucial for precision PCB requirements.

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What are HDI Printed Circuit Boards or HDI PCB's?

High Density Interconnected PCB’s or HDI-PCB's are the boards having more circuitry and wiring density in the same area over other traditional circuit boards. The electronics and semiconductor market calls for higher functionality and lower sized boards and HDI provides for the perfect combination of the two. These demand of HDI PCB's has been growing at a very fast pace. There are different types of HDI PCB’s depending upon the different types of via used for connection.  

Some Important Properties of HDI Printed Circuit Boards

  • Microvias use smaller space that provides additional space to connection of components.
  • Via in pads HDI PCB’s allow vias to be placed within the surface of flat board surfaces
  • Via fill type PCB’s allow vias to be buried deep inside the flat surface that brings it to normal level after soldering.
  • HDI boards have thinner lines, tighter spacing and tighter annular ring, and use thinner specialty materials.

Advantages of HDI Printed Circuit Boards  

  • HDI PCB's save space and enable circuits to become much smaller. 
  • It provides platform for a much better thermal enhancement. 
  • As far as electrical performance is concerned, the smaller parts that are used on HDI boards have shorter internal wire lengths,  and lower power requirements.
  • Due to shorter wiring application, transmission bandwidth and processing speeds can increase.
  • They are relatively cost effective due to reduced layers are large availability of area for connecting components. 

Applications of HDI Printed Circuit Boards                          

  • Due to miniaturization of components, it has wide applications in mobile devices and other high-tech appliances.
  • It has wide applications in touch-screen devices, mobile, laptops, digital cameras etc. 
  • It has wide application in 4G network communication and other electronic aircraft parts and components.

PCB Directory has listed the leading HDI PCB fabricators and manufacturers and made them searchable through their location and capabilities. You can select the country or state to narrow down on local High Density PCB manufacturers or companies that can develop your printed circuit boards who are close to where you are located. In addition to this, you can also select the capabilities that you are looking for in a HDI PCB vendor, like - Number of Layers, Type of Board, board thickness etc. - We narrow down the list to show you the companies who can cater to your requirement.



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