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The I-Speed® from Isola Group is a 180°C Tg FR-4 Laminate for multilayer PWB (printed wiring board) applications where maximum thermal performance and reliability are required. They are manufactured with Isolas' patentable high performance multi-functional resin system, reinforced with electrical grade (E-glass) glass fabric. It delivers a 15% improvement in Z-axis expansion and offers 25% more electrical bandwidth (lower loss) than competitive products in this space. These properties coupled with superior moisture resistance at reflow bridges the gap from both a thermal and electrical perspective.

The I-Speed® resin system is laser fluorescing and UV blocking for maximum compatibility with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, optical positioning systems and photo imagable solder mask imaging. This lead-free assembly compatible laminate is suitable for use in network and communications, aerospace and defense, computing, storage, peripherals, medical, industrial and instrumentation.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Isola Group
  • Description
    180°C Tg FR-4 Laminate for Multilayer PWB Applications

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Td
    360 Degree C
  • Tg
    180 Degree C
  • Frequency
    1 to 10 GHz
  • UL
  • Lead Free
  • Arc resistance
    137 Sec
  • Cte xy
    16 ppm/ Degree C
  • Cte z
    60, 230 ppm/ Degree C
  • RoHS
  • Dielectric breakdown
    >50 kV
  • Electrical strength
    70 (1741) kV/mm (V/mil)
  • Flamibility
  • Flexural strength
    67, 62.0 ksi
  • Industry application
    Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and defence, Industrial
  • Material
  • Moisture absorbtion
  • Peel strength
    1.14 (6.5), 0.96 (5.5), 0.90 (5.1) N/mm (lb/inch)
  • Poissons ratio
    0.173, 0.152
  • Surface resistivity
    2.6 x 10^6 Mohm
  • Thermal conductivity
    0.4 W/mK
  • Volume resistivity
    4.4 x 10^7 Mohm-cm

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