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What is a Solder Pot?

A solder pot is a temperature-controlled pot or tank of solder that is used to tin wires, solder wire tips and solder through-hole components. Solder pots can also be used de-solder components from a PCB board. The temperature of the solder pot is controllable and is usually set based on the solder material being used.

Solder is usually placed in the solder pot with some flux and then the solder pot is heated to make the solder molten. The solder pot is then maintained at this temperature to ensure that the solder in it stays at a molten state.

Solder pots can be used to remove components soldered on a printed circuit board. This is done by dipping the leads of the component soldered on the board in the molten solder inside the pot. This melts the connection, and the component can easily be removed. In this process flux should also be applied on the soldered leads to ease the process. This makes solder pots a an important tool for the PCB repair and rework process.

Key Specifications of a solder pot:

Solder capacity: It represents the amount of solder that can be added to the solder pot. It is usually represented in grams or kg.

Temperature range: Represents the minimum to the maximum operating temperature range of the solder pot.

Temperature stability: It represents the minimum temperature variation during operation. It is represented in ± XºC. For example, the temperature stability of a solder pot can be ± 5ºC.

Heating time: Represents the minimum time required to bring the solder material into a molten state.

Solder pot dimension (if in the circular shape): The dimension of the solder pot is the multiplication of circumference and height of the solder pot. It represents in φ mm x H mm.

Solder pot dimension (if in square shape): The dimension of the solder pot is represented in L mm x L mm. Here, L represents the length of the side of square.

Solder pot material: Usually titanium alloy is used. However based on the temperature required, the material can change.

Overall dimension: Represents the overall dimension of the solder pot machine in L mm x W mm x H mm

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