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What is Fume extraction equipment?

A fume extractor is a machine that uses a fan to pull the fumes and particulate into a filtration system to clean the air of harmful particulates and chemicals. The industrial process, such as welding, soldering, spraying, powder filling, sanding, and grinding are the causes of the creation of fumes or particles (size in micron). The fume extractor equipped with a powerful fan and high-quality filtration media creates a recirculating air pattern for ductless units. Because of the recirculation, ductwork or costly replacement of air is not needed. The type of fume extractor includes the Portable, Benchtop, Shelf, Tabletop, Enclosure or Floor Mounted, Wall Mounted, and Stand Mounted fume extractors. 
Depending on the application, Fume extractors use single or multiple filters. Usually, the fume extractor takes up less space, weightless, cost-effective, and has easy access to change filters. The type of extractor filters include ASHRAE (efficiency 95%, particle size 0.5 microns), HEPA (99.97%, 0.3 microns), ULPA ( 99.995%,0.12 microns), Micro-Pleat/Cleanable (95%, 0.3 micron), and Activated Carbon/Specialty Blends.

Why we should use a fume extractor?

For example, lets consider a soldering process. The soldering process releases white smoke or fumes that are very dangerous to the health of the soldering technician. The fumes are generated due to the melting down flux at its boiling point. The flux is the chemical cleaning agent that is used to remove the oxidation from the filler metals and base involved in the soldering process and result in better soldering. The base product of flux is colophony (90% resin acid & 10% neutral material). When the flux is heated, colophony causes the production of fumes and also causes the production of hydrochloric acid, aliphatic aldehydes, particle size 0.5 micron, and other gases, such as toluene, chlorophenol, styrene, isopropyl alcohol.
Hence, the solder fume extractors must be necessary during the soldering process to ensure the safety and health of the soldering technicians. In a working environment, a fume extractor equipment sucks the air contains fumes, particulate and other chemicals and cleans the air using air filters equipped with a fume extractor and returns the clean air to the working environment.

Key Specs of fume extractor:

Power consumption: It is the required amount of power to run the fume extractor system and is represented in watts.

Noise level: It represents the intensity of sound noise emitted from the machine when the machine is running. The noise of sound is measured in decibel scale. The noise level of total silence is 0 dB. For example, a sound ten times more powerful than near total silence is 10 dB (10 log10 dB), and a  sound 100 times more powerful than near total silence is 20 dB (10 log100 dB).

Vacuum pressure: It is the pressure of the vacuum inside the fume extraction equipment created by the fan and is represented in X pa. 

Airflow: It represents how much volume of airflow per minute in the machine and is represented in Y m3/min (Y x 35.314 cfm). For example, the airflow of a fume extraction system can have 4.7 m3/min (167 cfm).

Vacuum pressure: It is the pressure of the vacuum inside the fume extraction equipment created by the fan and is represented in X pa. 

Filtering efficiency: It represents how much the minimum size of the particulate can filter by the machine and is represented in % with particle size in X micrometer or X.0 micron. For example, If the filter efficiency of a fume extraction system is 95 %, it can remove the size of particulate 0.5 microns. Similarly, if the filter efficiency of a fume extraction system is 99.995 %, it can remove the size of particulate 0.12 microns.

Application: Industrial air cleaning

Net weight: It is the weight of the machine represented in Kg.

Over all dimension: It is the machine dimension represented in W mm x H mm x D mm.

Power supply: Required power represented in voltage, frequency, and ampere rating.

Motor phase: Single Phase/3 Phase

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