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What makes us different from 'EveryOtherPCBShop' is our understanding - our BELIEF - that we are NOT JUST SELLING YOU A 'PRODUCT'! When you place an order with us, we become participants in the outcome of your design, packaging, and manufacturing efforts! We deeply value good customer relationships we have built over many years of working in this industry. You are increasingly under tremendous pressure to deliver results, and we are always willing to apply our full effort, and the materials expertise of our suppliers, to help you meet your design and manufacturing requirements. As in any good partnership, we believe in being honest and objective with you about any difficulties or problems when they may arise. We do this because, in our uncommonly diverse experience, it is proven repeatedly that this is the most effective way to more

PCB Checklist


Up to 3+ Layers

PCB Configuration

PCB Board

PCB Type

  • RF
  • High Tg
  • Aluminium
  • Metal-based
  • Copper
  • Halogen-free
  • Ceramic


Material Brand

  • Arlon
  • Chin-Shi
  • Denka
  • Dupont
  • Isola
  • Iteq
  • Kingboard
  • Laird
  • Matsushita
  • Nanya
  • Nelco
  • Neltec
  • Panasonic
  • Rogers

    Material Brand Series

    • Rogers 4350
    • Rogers 4003
  • Taconic
  • Tuc
  • Ventec
  • Metclad
  • Shengyi
  • Bergquist
  • Grace

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