iPCB Circuits Limited

iPCB Circuits Limited

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  • Manufacturer, Assembly, Design
  • China, Guangdong, Shenzhen
  • +(86)-755-23200081
  • 4F, Bozhi Center Building, Chentian Industry Zone, Xixiang Town, Baoan District
  • ISO 14001, ISO 9001, RoHS, UL
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Design
  • Stencil
  • Repair/Rework

iPCB Circuit Co., Ltd. (iPCB®) is a High-Tech Manufacturing Enterprises focusing on the development and production of high precision PCB. Committed to domestic and overseas technology Enterprises to continue to provide the most cutting-edge, the most sophisticated PCB manufacturing services. The company has established a sales network in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and else countries, with Technology, Quality and Service as the guide, to provide high-quality PCB processing and manufacturing services for domestic and foreign customers.

iPCB Circuit Co., Ltd. (iPCB®) mainly focuses on Microwave High-Frequency PCB, High-Frequency Mixed Voltage, Ultra-high Multilayer IC Tests, from 1+~ to 6+ HDI, Any layer HDI, IC Substrate, IC test Board, Rigid-Flexible PCB, and ordinary Multilayer FR4 PCB and etc. Products are widely used in Industry 4.0, Communication, Industrial Control, Digital, Power supply, Computer, Automobile, Medical, Aerospace, Instruments, Meters, Internet o...show more

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