TTM Announces Sale of Shanghai Backplane Assembly Facility to DBG Technology

TTM Announces Sale of Shanghai Backplane Assembly Facility to DBG Technology712370

TTM announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell its Shanghai Backplane Assembly (“BPA”) for approximately $11.8 million, subject to customary post-closing adjustments, to DBG Holdings Limited (“DBG”), which is wholly owned by DBG Technology. This transaction is expected to close near the end of the first quarter. BPA is a small assembly facility that generated $44.7 million in revenues and an immaterial amount of operating income in 2022.

This transaction is consistent with TTM's strategy to continue developing the company as a diversified technology solutions leader for our customers, and to reshape our core business portfolio for improved differentiation, financial stability and long-term profitability. This strategy entails investing in differentiated Commercial and Aerospace & Defense (“A&D”) capabilities. Following this divestiture to DBG, TTM will exit the commercial backplane assembly business.

DBG was a particularly attractive buyer for this business, meeting the following selection criteria established as TTM considered the possible divestiture of this business. First, the buyer is strategically committed to this business, including its employees and customers, and is capable to run the business for sustained industry leadership. Second, it is an active participant in this industry with a deep understanding of the assembly business. Third, it has existing customer relationships with Shanghai BPA customers. DBG also offers related products, services and expertise which can enhance the value proposition of Shanghai BPA to its customers.

“Shanghai BPA has been a long time member of the TTM family, but we firmly believe this divestiture is in the best interests of our employees and customers. TTM is selling Shanghai BPA to a buyer that is fully qualified and committed to achieve continued success for this business,” said Tom Edman, President and CEO of TTM Technologies. “In turn, this divestiture positions TTM to focus our full energy and resources on other lines of business where we are very well positioned to service our customers with differentiated product solutions to address the challenges and growth opportunities that exist across the aerospace & defense, automotive, medical, industrial & instrumentation, networking and data center computing end markets,” continued Mr. Edman.  

While announcing the divesture of the Shanghai BPA business, TTM will continue to operate the business in the same manner as they do now through the date of close, which they anticipate to occur near the end of the first quarter. This includes fully supporting our Shanghai BPA employees and customers.

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