What are Stacked Microvias?

What are stacked microvias? When are they used?

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Editorial Team - PCB Directory

Jan 21, 2022

Stacked microvias are very small vias whose position on each layer is directly above or below another microvia. A microvia is basically a very small via. It has a smaller diameter which takes up less board real estate and leaves more space for routing . It also has a lower parasitic capacitance which is important for high-speed circuits.

Stacked microvias are used to connect one layer of a PCB board to another. In recent study conducted by IPC, it was found that stacked microvias of 3 or more layer have a higher probability of failure when compared to staggered microvias. Though the overall failure numbers are very low, there is a marked difference between the failures of stacked microvias over staggered microvias. So the use of stacked microvias is recommended for designs that have 2 layers. If more than 2 layers then a combination of stacked and staggered microvias can be used.

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