Bittele Electronics Now Offering Automated Press-Fit Assembly for Consistent & Reliable Quality PCBs

Toronto-based leading PCB manufacturer, Bittele Electronics, is now offering automated press-fit assembly as alternatives to soldered connections in its PCB assembly services. Using automated pressing machines, Bittele achieves reliable and repeatable quality for all PCBs requiring press-fit components.

Press-fit parts are not assembled using standard PCB Assembly practices, such as Reflow Soldering or Wave Soldering. Instead of soldering, press-fit parts are held in place by the plated holes themselves. Press-fit holes have very strict tolerance requirements, compared to standard plated holes for Through-Hole Assembly. Bittele is capable of providing diameter tolerance up to ±2 mil for press-fit holes. 

"Press-fit connectors offer unique benefits over SMT and through-hole counterparts,” says Ben Yang, CEO of Bittele Electronics. “As a solder-free process, press-fit assembly removes the risk of dry solder joints while also offering excellent current carrying and heat dissipation capabilities." 

To ensure a trouble-free, press-fit PCB assembly, Bittele conducts a Design for Assembly (DFA) review to verify there are no manufacturability issues before assembly begins. To ensure the highest level of quality, Bittele tests any press-fit connectors ahead of production using a spare bare board. This allows Bittele to fine tune its fixtures to provide the customer with the highest assembly yield possible. 

For inquiries about press-fit PCB assembly, current customers can contact their account manager.

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