High Density Packaging User Group Welcomes Grace Electron as its Newest Member

High Density Packaging User Group Welcomes Grace Electron as its Newest Member712370

High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group has announced that Grace Electron Technology has become its member. HDP is a global research and development organization based in Round Rock, Texas, and is dedicated to reducing the costs and risks for the Electronics Manufacturing industry when using advanced electronic packaging and assembly. This international industry-led group organizes and conducts R&D programs to address the industry's technical issues, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronics assembly, and environmental compliance. HDP User Group maintains additional offices in Singapore and Tokyo.

Grace Electron is one of the major manufacturers of copper-clad laminates (CCL) in China. The company mainly produces epoxy glass cloth copper clad laminates (CCL) for multilayer boards and epoxy glass cloth prepreg (PP) for multilayer boards. Grace T.H.W. Group subsidiaries also produce epoxy resin (Epoxy Base Electronic Material) and electronics-class glass fiber and fiber cloth (Grace Fabric Technology).

“Grace Electron is a leading manufacturer of advanced halogen-free laminates suitable for high-frequency, high-speed applications,” said Dr. Winston Wong, CEO at Grace T.H.W. Group. “These laminates are used for telecommunications products that require low transmission losses and a low degree of distortion, such as wireless base stations, storage, and advanced cloud computing servers. We look forward to collaborating with HDP member companies on evaluating advanced materials for high frequency, high-speed applications.”

“I am pleased to welcome Grace Electron to HDP, joining the outstanding companies working on HDP User Group projects. Their expertise and capability in ultra-low loss materials will contribute significantly to several of our projects, especially those focused on next-generation high-frequency applications”, said Larry Marcanti, Executive Director of HDP User Group.

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