Rehm Introduces Innovative Conformal Coating Systems for Electronics Manufacturing

Rehm Introduces Innovative Conformal Coating Systems for Electronics Manufacturing712370

Rehm, a leading name in electronics manufacturing, has unveiled its state-of-the-art ProtectoXC and ProtectoXP conformal coating systems, offering top-notch protection for electronic assemblies against environmental factors like moisture, corrosion, chemicals, dust, and vibrations. These coating solutions are poised to revolutionize electronic manufacturing processes across industries such as automotive, aviation, and medical technology.

Versatile Solutions for Diverse Applications

The ProtectoXC system, designed for electronics manufacturers with low throughput needs, combines precise coating with affordability. It's an excellent fit for businesses requiring top-quality protection for circuit boards without hefty investments. Rehm emphasizes modern design and user-friendly functionality, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality in one package.

Rehm's comprehensive range of lacquer applicators allows flexibility in processes, enabling various application methods, from "Globe Top" to "Dam & Fill" to "Flip Chip Underfill." The system can address different aspects of PCB coating, sealing the entire board or focusing on specific areas or components. Its innovative nozzle technology facilitates the application of a wide array of materials, ensuring optimal protection for each product.

Integrated lacquer supply minimizes contamination risks from solvent vapors, creating a cleaner and more efficient work environment during the coating process.

Enhanced Functionality with ProtectoXP

The ProtectoXP system offers multifunctionality with up to four applicators, ensuring superior results. It prioritizes maintainability, intuitive program configuration, and adaptable equipment to meet customer demands. Its patented Stream-Coat® nozzles enable protective coating between closely spaced, tall components, eliminating the need for manual re-coating.

The ProtectoXP is network-friendly, easily connecting with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), enhancing process control and traceability. This line concept system provides the full spectrum of lacquering procedures, allowing on-the-fly adjustments without changing the applicator and avoiding splatters.

Precise and Reliable Lacquer Application

Both ProtectoXC and ProtectoXP systems offer precise and consistent lacquer applications. Automatic needle measurement ensures the even application of the required volume of coating. The software controls the dispensing of lacquer, matching the appropriate coating program with the nozzle type. An optional heated nozzle maintains a consistent temperature and viscosity, irrespective of environmental conditions.

The ProtectoXP can be equipped with a fiducial camera for absolute process reliability, correcting and aligning the coating program through mark registration. Process locking can be tailored to the production environment, enabling flexible manufacturing and data communication between MES and ProtectoXP.

Rehm's conformal coating systems are a game-changer in electronics manufacturing, ensuring top-quality protection for circuit boards in a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly manner. These innovations are set to redefine the industry standard for electronic assembly protection.

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