San Francisco Circuits Updates Turnkey PCB Assembly Capabilities

San Francisco Circuits (SFC) has updated its printed circuit board (PCB) turnkey assembly capabilities. Full turnkey PCB assembly through SFC reduces the customer’s responsibility to source components (and the surrounding issues), manage the bill of materials (BOM), inventory, and logistics associated that can be encountered when working with a PCB assembly partner.

SFC’s turnkey and partial turnkey or consigned assembly options are designed to meet the individual needs of their customers, depending on how much of the assembly process they want to manage versus outsource. The company’s turnkey PCB specialists can help guide customers through the benefits of each approach and ultimately deliver the optimal product and service.

According to Sam Danovich, VP of Sales, sourcing and managing the inventory the components needed to assemble PCBs is often not the customer’s core strength. SFC’s turnkey PCB assembly options places the entire process in the hands of experts with decades of experience in the PCB assembly industry that reduces the risk and saves time for the customer. According to him, the company has the relationships within the industry to quickly and efficiently source components, manage the inventory, and ensure quality control throughout the entire process.

Click here to learn more about PCB assembly from San Francisco Circuits. You can get your PCBs built by visiting the SFC website to upload your design files / BOM and begin the quoting process or calling 1-800-SFC-5143 to speak with an assembly expert about your project.

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