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With the resources of a strong network and the expertise of our team members, San Francisco Circuits provides you with a unique one stop solution to all your printed circuit needs, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly.

Certifications : ISO 9001:2015, ITAR


Number of Layers1 - 12
Board MaterialsFR4, FR406, IS410, Kapton, Shin-Etsu - Epoxy, Rogers - Epoxy, Dupont FR - FR Acrylic, Dupont LF - LF Acrylic, Adhesiveless Base Materials
Maximum Board Size16
Copper Thickness0.5 oz - 3 oz
Hole Aspect Ratio7:1
Minimum Hole Size0.008
Minimum Trace/Space0.006
Minimum Drill-to-Copper0.010
Minimum Pitch1 mm
Final FinishHASL (Solder), Lead Free Solder, Copper, Gold, Gold Fingers, White Tin, OSP
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Clear
CoverlayFR Coverlay, LF Coverlay, Shin-Etsu, Flexible Soldermask
Silk ScreenWhite, Black, Yellow
PCB FabricationScoring, Route & Retain
Additional FeaturesPlated Slots, Non-plated Slots, Controlled Dielectric, Covered Vias, Counter Sinks, Counter Bores, Dual Access Flex, Suspended Leads
Quality StandardsIPC 6012 Class 2, Electrical Testing, 100% Netlist Testing, TDR Testing
Minimum Board Thickness
2 layer0.010
4 layer0.020
6 layer0.020
8 layer0.062
10 layer0.062
12 layer0.062
Maximum Board Thickness
2 layer0.125
3-12 layer0.200
Number of Layers14 - 40
Board MaterialAluminum Core
Copper Core
Nelco 4000
Rogers 3000
Rogers 4000
Rogers 5000
Taconic TLY
Maximum Board Size10
Copper Thickness4 oz - 6 oz
Hole Aspect Ratio15:1
Minimum Hole Size0.006
Minimum Trace/Space0.003
Minimum Drill-to-Copper0.003
Minimum Pitch0.3 mm
Final FinishHASL, Gold (ENIG/Hard/Soft), Selective Gold, Immersion Silver, OSP, White Tin
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Clear, Mix-and-match, Wet Mask, Dry Film
Silk ScreenWhite, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue
PCB FabricationJump Scoring, Route & Retain, Milling
Additional FeaturesPlated Edges, Plated Milling, Plated Counter Bores & Counter Sinks, Edge Castellation, Controlled Impedance, Silver Filled Vias, Non-Conductive Filled Vias
Quality StandardsMilspec 31032, Milspec 55110, Milspec 50884, IPC 6012 Class 3, 100% Netlist Testing, TDR Testing
Minimum Board Thickness
2 layer0.005
4 layer0.010
6 layer0.031
8 layer0.040
Maximum Board Thickness
14-40 layers0.250

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