Odak PCB Elektronik A.S.

Odak PCB Elektronik A.S.

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  • Turkey, Esenyurt, Istanbul
  • +90(212) 858 00 36
  • Akcaburgaz Mh. Alkop San. Sit. 1575 Sk. No: 2B/4-5-6
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Odak PCB was established in 1983 as a small shop to produce simple PCB prototypes. The dedicated work and visionary approach of our founders have shaped our way of doing business, prioritizing continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Today, with 180 members of the Odak PCB family, we are proud to be one of the biggest PCB manufacturers in Europe. We believe that the core values that brought us here will keep lighting the way for our future. 


Our expertise is in PCB production. Discover our wide range of products, including LED, single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, flexible, and rigid-flex PCB...show more

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PCB Board
Order Type
PCB Configuration
  • Up to 20 Layers
Board Thickness
  • 0.4 - 3.2 mm
PCB Type
Material Brand


PTH Diameter+/- 0,075
NPTH Diameter+/- 0,05
Drill Positioning100 uµ
Min PTH Copper Thickness - IPC600 Class 220 uµ
Min PTH Copper Thickness - IPC600 Class 325 uµ
Line Width+/- 20%
Soldermask Positioning+/- 0,1mm
Silkscreen Positioning+/- 0,1mm
Innerlayer Registration+/- 0,05mm
Image to Image+/- 0,075
Allignment x Axis+/- 0,1mm
Allignment y Axis+/- 0,1mm
V-Cut Remaining Thickness+/- 0,1mm
V-Cut Depth+/- 0,15mm
Outline Tolerance after V-Cut SeperationFR4 +/- 0,2mm CEM1 +/-0,3mm IMS +/-0,15mm
Outline Tolerance - Milling+/- 0,15mm
Milling Offset+/- 0,1mm
Min. Track Width/Space0,15mm Standart / 0,10 mm Advanced
Min. Copper to Copper0,15mm Standart / 0,10 mm Advanced
Min. Annual Ring0,20 mm Standart / 0,15 mm Advanced
Min. Soldermask Dam0,10mm Standart / 0,07 mm Advanced
Min. Soldermask Clearence0,10 mm Standart / 0,05 mm Advanced
Min. Legend Print width/length0,16 mm/1,00 mm Standart / 0,10 mm/1,00 mm Advanced
Min. Hole Diameter FR4-CEM1-CEM30,3 mm Standart / 0,2 mm Advanced
Min. Hole Diameter IMS1,5 mm Standart / 1,2 mm Advanced
Min. Slot Diameter FR4-CEM1-CEM30,7 mm Standart / 0,5 mm Advanced
Min. Slot Diameter IMS2,0 mm Standart / 1,5 mm Advanced
Aspect Ratio8 Standart / 10 Advanced
V-Cut Angle30°
Special Technical CapabilitiesCarbon Print, Peelable Print, Blind/Burried Vias, Via Plug, Filled and Capped Vias, Champfering, Countersink, Impedance Control

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