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The PCB ONLINE E-ecosystem is an electronic manufacturing online purchase service created by the GLOBAL SUCCESS GROUP. We found that the future business trends will focus on customization, and the traditional standardized PCB production line has been unable to meet the R&D of high-end electronic products and "fully meet" customer requirements and lose competitiveness.

PCBONLINE provides differentiated services to our customers by means of the parent company's long history in high-end PCB manufacturing and Internet tools. We mainly serve high-end electronics manufacturing (EMS), such as the National Defense Research Institute, aerospace, communications and medical electronics.

We will continue to grow with the society and our customers so as to adapt to the changing world and value, and always provide the best PCB and EMS services.

We can produce PCB's up to 24 layers, an aperture of up to 0.1 mm, max board thickness of up to 3.4 mm, max copper...show more

Supported PCB Services

  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Design
  • Stencil
  • Repair/Rework

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Fabrication Capabilities

This company provides PCB Fabrication services.


Material(ROHS, Halogen Free & Reach Compliance) FR-4 (Tg130-180): ShengYi, ITEQ, KB, Huazheng High Speed FR4, Ceramics & Telflon, Rogers
HDI Stack up1+N+1,2+N+2,3+N+3(with copper filling)
Aspect RatioLaser via 3:4 , PTH 10:1
Final board thickness0.15-3.2mm
Copper thickness1/3-8oz
Impedance Control+/-10%
Min Drill Bit size8mil
Hole size tolerancePTH +/-3mil, NPTH +/-2mil
Hole Position Tolerance+/-2mil
Profile TolerancePuching +/-3mil, Routing +/-4mil
SoldermaskLine to PAD 4mil, Registration +/-2mil
Surface FinishHASL(LF HASL) SMD 40-2000u
RemarksMixed Surface Finishes OSP+ENIG, OSP+HASL; Heavy Copper External layers up to 12oz; Long PCB max 1.5m for DS; (High R) Carbon Available Gold finger Available; Jump V-Cut Available; PCB Edge plating Available; Countersink & Counterbo Available; Sequential lamination Available; Step Routing Available
Flexi-rigid PCB1-6 layer
MaterialPolyimide: Taiflex, Shengyi
Final board thickness0.05-0.6mm
Aspect Ratio3:1
Copper thickness1/3-3oz
Impedance ControlSingle Ended +/- 10%; Differential +/- 10%
Line/SpaceInner Layer 1.6/1.6mil; External Layer 1.6/1.6mil
Min Drill Bit size6mil
Hole size tolerancePTH +/-2mil; NPTH +/-1mil
Hole Position Tolerance+/-2mil
CoverlayerLine to PAD 6mil; Registration +/-2mil
Profile TolerancePuching +/-3mil; Laser Cutting +/-2mil
Surface FinishENIG Au 1-5u
Base MaterialAluminum(Larid, Ventec,Yugu Boyu), Iron and Copper isolation base
e Max dimension1200*300mm
Copper foil thickness0.5-10oz
Dielectric thickness0.075-0.15mm
Finish Thickness0.5-3.2mm(+/-10%)
line width/Gap1OZ 0.15/0.12MM; 2OZ 0.18/0.15MM; 3OZ 0.25/0.2MM; 4oz 0.3/0.25MM
Soldermask opening0.05mm
Surface finishENIG,OSP,HASL(LF HASL),Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver
Peel strength= 1.8 N/mm
Surface resistance= 1*10^5 M
Volume resistrivity= 1*10^6 M
Sloder fioat260?,10Min ,No layerig,No sparkling
Permittivity= 4.4
Disspation factor= 0.03
Thermal conductivity1.0~4.2W/m.k
Hi-pot Withstand2-6KV
Surface FinishHASL SMD 40-2000u
Layer count1-8Layer
Mixed pressureRogers+FR4 , Rogers+AL
Final board thickness0.6-6.0mm
Aspect RatioPTH 8:1
Copper thickness1-2oz
Impedance ControlSingle Ended 50+/- 10%; Differential 90+/- 10%,100+/- 10%
Line/SpaceInner Layer 5/5mil; External Layer 5/5mil
Min Drill size11.81mil
Hole size tolerancePTH +/-3mil; NPTH +/-2mil
Hole Position Tolerance+/-2mil
Profile Tolerance+/-4mil
Solder maskLine to PAD 4mil; Registration +/-2mil
Surface FinishENIG Au 1-5u

Assembly Capabilities

This company provides PCB Assembly services.

PCB Repair / Rework Services

This company provides PCB repair / rework services.
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