Atotech Introduces Enhanced Graphite-Based Direct Metallization Process

Atotech Introduces Enhanced Graphite-Based Direct Metallization Process712370

Atotech, an international speciality chemicals and equipment company announced an enhanced graphite-based direct metallization process called ViaKing. The ViaKing deposit offers excellent adhesion and ensures reliable coverage on a wide variety of dielectric base materials and high layer count build-ups.

Optimized for both high and low volume production needs, ViaKing operates with an attractive CoO but offers the highest product reliability and capability. Designed to operate with low etch conditions, in combination with a stable and long-life graphite bath, ViaKing provides excellent stability, conductivity and electrical integrity for market-leading high yield electrolytic plating. It is ideally suited for flex, flex-rigid and mixed dielectric PCBs, Viaking offers Cu-Cu connections for excellent reliability performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with a very wide range of dielectric materials
  • Ideal for flex, flex-rigid and single or mixed dielectric multilayer PCBs
  • Direct Cu to Cu adhesion for maximum reliability
  • Low etch depth for minimal copper removal on inner layers – reduced risk of etch-back ICD or voids
  • Unique Conductivator formulation is highly resistant to bacterial and Copper contamination
  • Wide operating window and enhanced bath stability
  • Outstanding plating propagation
  • Suitable for both panel and pattern plate technologies
  • Short horizontal process
  • Easy to install into existing equipment
  • Low water consumption
  • Ideal for both high volumes as well as low volume or stop / start production
  • Chelator, Cyanide and Formaldehyde free process

Applications for Viaking

  • Simple, single-pass horizontal process
  • Low etch depth minimizes inner layer and surface Copper removal
  • Very stable graphite bath with a long solution lifetime and wide operation window
  • Excellent plating propagation in both panel and pattern plate applications
  • Ideally suited for flex and flex-rigid PCB production

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