Bay Area Circuits Introduces Automated Quoting and Ordering Tool on their Website

Bay Area Circuits Introduces Automated Quoting and Ordering Tool on their Website712370

Bay Area Circuits has released a significant update to its automated, online Design for Manufacturability (DFM) tool, InstantDFM. In addition to an improved interface and greater accessibility to DFM analysis, InstantDFM now offers printed circuit board designers and buyers the opportunity to price and order PCB manufacturing services through a simple, workflow-style e-commerce experience.

InstantDFM helps users to verify process-critical parameters and general manufacturing readiness, providing automated, intelligent design feedback and recommendations. This includes whether a design requires standard or advanced process capabilities – information invaluable to designers working to limit manufacturing costs and lead time while improving overall design performance and stability.

With the latest update to InstantDFM, once a user has verified the accuracy and manufacturing readiness of the design, they are able to customize the manufacturing specifications with options not otherwise contained in the design data such as material, surface finish, via fill, and other special processes. Leveraging characteristics extracted from the design data along with the user-defined customizations, InstantDFM can then generate an instant price quotation for review. Purchasing can be completed with a simple, one-page checkout process.

“We have long believed that the typical PCB DFM, quoting and ordering experience is far too cumbersome so we reimagined the process to give users an innovative, self-service tool they can use on their own timeline,” said Stephen Garcia, President of Bay Area Circuits. “With the recent update to InstantDFM we’ve enabled users with the power to verify their design, customize according to their needs, and quote and order, all within a matter of minutes.”

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