Insulectro Exhibits Latest Advancements at IDTechEx 2019

Insulectro, a distributor of PCB and printed electronics materials, showcased its products at IDTECHEX’s Printed Electronics World 2019 conference held from 20th-22nd November, in Santa Clara, California. Insulectro offers advanced materials from suppliers such as DuPont, Coveme, FLEXcon, Saint-Gobain, Chromaline, 3M and Kodak to sell conductive inks, substrates, and consumables. 

Recently, Insulectro was named distributor for DuPont’s innovative In-Mold electronic inks. Insulectro distributes key DuPont polymer thick film paste products to U.S. customers in the thin-film photovoltaic, wearables, capacitive switch, touch screen, RFID smart card, heating and membrane touch switch markets. In addition, Insulectro Printed Electronics distributes carbon conductors, UV dielectrics, fired-on inks, and in-mold systems on behalf of DuPont.

In-Mold conductive inks are a perfect union of form and function. The technology combines an innovative, more stretchable material with dramatic advancements in electronic ink to give interface designers new creative freedom, without any compromise in meeting functional switching needs. And because these new electronic inks work with existing in-mold decorative processes, there’s no need for costly re-tooling. Fabricators can create products with greater eye appeal, simplicity, and performance- all at the same time.

In addition to the inks, Insulectro exhibited some exceptional substrates from Italian manufacturer Coveme. Coveme’s technology has introduced a new solution based on a high deep thermoforming bi-oriented polyester film with a special coating on both sides that enhances printability, scratch resistance, and formability.

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