Samtec Joins Altium's Nexar Partner Program

Leading PCB software solutions company, Altium LLC, has announced a strategic partnership with Samtec, a leading component manufacturer specializing in connectors, cables, fiber optics, RF interconnects and more. Samtec joins a growing list of Altium's Nexar partners, including Arduino, Microchip, Ultra Librarian, Arrow, and Diotec. Nexar, a business unit of Altium, LLC, offers a partner platform designed to connect the rapidly growing community of Altium 365 PCB design users with the software, suppliers, and manufacturers needed to transform ideas into smart and connected products.

As a Nexar supply chain partner, Samtec products will be promoted to an audience of over 6 million highly engaged electrical engineers, designers and purchasers worldwide,” said Ted Pawela, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Altium. “Our partnership with Samtec extends their marketing reach, while also helping Altium 365 users by providing them with accurate and reliable product information within their design environment.”

Our mission at Samtec is to streamline the design process as much as possible. As digital transformation has occurred, anyone who shares that same mission is an ideal partner. The Nexar platform gives engineers a real 'Wow—that was easy!' moment, and we’re happy to be a part of that,” said Daniel Williams, Digital Marketing Director at Samtec.

Being a Nexar partner also brings Samtec into a complete “design to realization” ecosystem, where they can gain a better understanding of how their parts are being utilized, including placement, potential inventory shortages, market trends, and forecasts.

Supply Chain Intelligence from the Electronics Industry’s Most Trusted Source

Samtec has long been part of Altium’s Octopart community, as a preferred component vendor. While their products are highly visible, Samtec’s new status as a Nexar partner positions them before a much larger, more sought-after audience. With a single open API and a number of embeddable experiences that can easily be added to any website or application, Nexar helps make partner applications and services the obvious choice for Altium and Octopart users.

Samtec’s website offers their users a first-class search experience and globally-available channel inventory, powered by the Nexar API. Nexar’s business intelligence provides Samtec with the market data needed to make informed marketing and manufacturing decisions.

We’re widely known for our incredibly short lead times and superior web tools aimed at streamlining the search and design process. We’re committed to making our customers’ lives easier; integrating with Nexar was just a logical progression. We strive to be the easiest component company to do business with, so Nexar’s mission is aligned with our own,” adds Ashley Quinlan, Strategic Marketing Director at Samtec.

When you deliver a best-in-class, seamless customer experience, it leaves a lasting impression with your customer. It exceeds their expectation for an online experience in our industry, much like what Amazon has done in the B2C space. Our partnership with Nexar is setting that same standard for the electronics design industry,” Williams adds.

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