Trackwise Acquires Stevenage Circuits to Bolster Unlimited-Length Flex PCB Production

Printed circuit technology experts, Trackwise Designs has announced the acquisition of UK-based designer and manufacturer of short flex and rigid printed circuit boards, Stevenage Circuits Ltd, for up to £2.5 million. The deal enables Trackwise to increase the production of its Improved Harness Technology (IHT), as well as expand its customer base and boost technical, sales, and operational expertise.

Trackwise’s IHT is based on a proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing process that eliminates traditional size limitations for flexible printed circuits (FPC). IHT enables Trackwise to produce multilayer FPCs of any length for demanding applications such as aircraft, industrial, or automotive wiring, as well as medical devices, entertainment equipment, scientific instruments, and consumer products.

The remaining proceeds of the £5.9 million fund raising will be used to fund additional capacity and capability as well as capital to support growth initiatives including the continued development of Trackwise’s intellectual property and know-how.

According to Philip Johnston, CEO of Trackwise, the company is pleased by the significant support shown by existing and new investors. The acquisition of SCL extends their manufacturing capabilities, providing them with the capacity to deliver IHT series production, while diversifying their revenue streams and customer base. The SCL team brings additional depth to the technical, sales and operational expertise and they look forward to welcoming them to Trackwise.

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