EVS International to Showcase Solder Recovery Solution at Penang Manufacturing Expo 2024

EVS International to Showcase Solder Recovery Solution at Penang Manufacturing Expo 2024712370

EVS International, a provider of solder recovery solutions, has announced its participation in the Penang Manufacturing Expo 2024, taking place July 24-26, 2024, at the Setia SPICE Convention Centre in Penang. Attendees can visit EVS International at the Qualitek Solution Booth A88, to experience the EVS 500LFCABF with Automated Dross Chute & Fume Extraction.

One of the most notable innovations of the EVS 500LFCABF is its ability to recover an unprecedented 60-85% of solder from dross. This remarkable recovery rate significantly outperforms traditional methods, reducing solder consumption by over 50% and slashing dedrossing time by 75%. Moreover, the system drastically cuts offsite waste dross by up to 85%, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and sustainability.

This advanced system is particularly well-suited for the Asian market, as the recovered solder is strained through a gauze, resulting in solder bars that are exceptionally clean with no peppering of leftover dross. This ensures a higher quality of solder, meeting the stringent demands of the electronics manufacturing industry in the region.

The EVS 500LFCABF is designed to offer multiple benefits throughout the reflow process, including:

  • Cost of Ownership: Efficient use of manufacturing floor space, reduced maintenance and downtime, increased equipment longevity, and parts replacement.
  • Performance: High-efficiency flux extraction results in consistent thermal profile performance, with a fully automatic process requiring minimal user intervention.
  • Innovation: Employs aqueous scrubber technology, enabling use with most flux chemistries and offering end-to-end serviceability access.

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