STARTEAM GLOBAL Acquires Italian PCB Factory to Expand European Footprint

STARTEAM GLOBAL Acquires Italian PCB Factory to Expand European Footprint712370

STARTEAM GLOBAL, a premier manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology and services, has announced a significant strategic expansion with the acquisition of C.T.B Circuiti Stampati S.N.C, a PCB manufacturing factory. Located in the scenic town of Flero (Brescia province) in northern Italy, the factory has been rebranded as Flero STARTEAM (FST) effective from June 5, 2024.

Introducing Flero STARTEAM (FST)

The acquisition strategically amplifies STARTEAM’s manufacturing policy and strengthens its market presence in Europe. Elevating the company’s comprehensive service offerings, FST will concentrate on spearheading innovation through:

  • Prototyping
  • Sample Production
  • Specialized High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) Manufacturing
  • Quick Turn
  • Customized Requirements

This expansion is a milestone for STARTEAM, reinforcing the company’s presence in the heart of Europe and highlighting its dedication to serving its European customers in the most local and flexible way.

A Hub for Innovation & Service Excellence

FST is anticipated to transform into more than just a manufacturing facility; it will become a vibrant hub for collaboration and innovation. Equipped with the latest technology, the facility will host interactive customer workshops designed to merge STARTEAM’s technical expertise with the specific requirements of its customers, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to full-scale production.

Milan’s Neighbour: A Strategic Edge

Strategically situated approximately 90 km east of Milan, the facility serves as a convenient meeting point for business partners and customers. Operated by a team of dedicated experts, the plant is set to increase its capacity incrementally, aligning with customer demands. FST’s technology will initially focus on manufacturing 1–2 layer PCBs, including PTFE base material (Teflon) for high-frequency applications, with plans to expand capabilities up to 6 layers from Q4 2024 – Q1 2025.

Expert Leadership to Steer

FST is championed by a team of seasoned leaders, poised to steer the company toward future success. Uwe Schneider, a STARTEAM veteran and formerly Automotive Technical Director at the Jiangyou STARTEAM (JST) factory in China, has been appointed as General Manager at FST. Alongside him, Roberta Tonini, the former owner of C.T.B, will also take on the General Manager role.

Contributing to the strategic orchestration, Michael König, STARTEAM’s Chief Financial Officer, plays a pivotal role in the legal acquisition of the PCB factory. With this leadership structure, FST is well-equipped to navigate ahead in the PCB industry.

FST’s Ambitious PCB Production Goals

The launch of the FST facility is indicative of STARTEAM GLOBAL’s pursuit of operational excellence and service enhancement. This venture not only expands the company’s geographical footprint but also fortifies its operational capabilities, setting a new benchmark in meeting and exceeding the expectations of its global clientele.

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