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The GC-460W-N from Shenzhen Gosmt Technology is a Hand Door Conveyor. It supports PCB dimensions from 50 x 50 mm to 530 x 460 mm with transport direction from left to right or right to left. This flat-belt conveyor has a speed of up to 20 m/min (can be customized) and supports smooth width adjustments using a screw shaft. It is SMEMA compatible and includes safety sensors along with a pneumatic lock to enhance operation safety. It is available in an enclosure that measures 1000 x 860 x 1050 mm and requires an AC supply of 110/220 V.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Shenzhen Gosmt Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Description
    Hand Door Conveyor for PCB Size up to 530 x 460 mm

General Parameters

  • Type
    Hand Door Conveyor
  • Conveyor Direction
    Left to Right, Right to Left
  • Conveyor Height
    900 ± 20 mm
  • Conveyor Speed
    0.5 - 20 m/min
  • Air Pressure
    4 to 6 bar
  • Compressed Air Requirement
    48 L/min Max
  • Power Consumption
    100 VA
  • Power Supply
    AC 110/220V Single phase
  • Standard
  • Net Weight
    200 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    1000 x 860 x 1050 mm

Technical Documents

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