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The BGA3600 from Beijing Torch Co., Ltd. is a Rework Station that supports BGA, QFP, CSP etc. packages. It has an accurate optical position and pick & place system, dark IR, reflow soldering system, software control system and visual inspection system. This rework station supports PCBs of sizes ranging from 30 x 10 x 0.5 mm to 400 x 300 x 3 mm and mounting components of sizes ranging from 1 x 1 mm to 70 x 70 mm. It has a pick-up strength of 2 N and an intelligent K-type temperature control system with 40-segment closed-loop temperature control. This rework station has a high precision guiderail PCB transmission and an inspection system that consists of a CCD camera providing dual output signals of PAL & VGA and up to 30 x optical zoom. It requires an AC supply of 220 V and consumes 200 W of power: 800 W for hot air heating at the top and 1200 W for dark IR preheating. This rework station is available in a package that measures 1100 x 720 x 620 mm and is ideal for designing and repairing BGA, QFP, CSP etc. PCB packages.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Beijing Torch Co.,Ltd
  • Description
    Rework Station for BGA, QFP, CSP etc. Packages

General Parameters

  • PCB Size
    400 x 300 mm, 30 * 10 mm
  • Total Power
    2000 W
  • Top Heater Power
    800 W
  • IR pre-heater
    1200 W
  • Component size
    70 x 70 mm, 1 x 1 mm
  • Power Supply
  • Net Weight
    50 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    1100 x 720 x 620 mm

Technical Documents

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