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  • Type: Manufacturer, Assembly, Design, Stencil
  • China, Baoan District, Shenzhen
  • 86-760-88290182
  • 6F, xingzhongbao business building, fuyong road, fuyong town, bao'an district, shenzhen, China
  • Certifications : ISO 9001:2015, RoHS, UL

Multitech Electron HK Limited is a PCB & PCBA manufacturer in China with a long standing tradition of quality and excellence. The company produces PCB's with up to 50 layers, an aperture of up to 0.1 mm, max board thickness of up to 8.0 mm, max copper thickness of 20oz and a min line width/line space of 3.0/3.0mil. We have abundant experience in making Heavy Copper PCBs, Mixed PCBs, High Frequency PCBs, High TG, HDI PCBs, Blind/Burried PCB, Semi-flex PCBs,FPC, Rigid-flex PCBs etc.

 PCB Fabrication Capabilities

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MultiTech Electron HK Ltd



Up to 50 Layers

Board Thickness

PCB: 0.2 to 4.2 mm, FPC: 0.13mm


4 - 15 Days

Board Dimensions

1200 x 600 mm


Material Brand

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MultiTech Electron HK Ltd

Board Size

1200 x 600

Board Shape

Rectangular, Circular, Odd Shapes


Laser Cut Stainless Steel Stencil


ENIG solder

Fine Pitch

0.2 mm

BGA Pitch

0.2 mm

Parts Procurement

Turnkey, Kitted


Soldering Type

Package Type

File Format

PCB Design Capabilities

Design Software

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MultiTech Electron HK Ltd

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MultiTech Electron HK Ltd

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PCB Repair / Rework Services

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MultiTech Electron HK Ltd


Rigid PCB
Layers1-50 Layers
Board Thickness.0079
Copper thickness0.5oz - 12oz(18um - 210um)
Inner Layer copper Thickness0.5oz - 6oz(18um - 70um)
Max Board size1200x700mm
Min Tracing/Spacing3.0mil/3.0mil
Min Annular Ring3mil
Min Drilling Hole diameter0.2mm(8mil),0.1mm(4mil)-laser drill
Solder maskGreen,green matte,Black,Black matte,White,Red,Yellow,Blue,Purple
Surface finishHASL with Lead,Free Lead HASL,ENIG,Immersion silver,Immrsion Tin,OSP
Surface/Hole plating thickness20-30um
Board thickness tolerance±0.1mm(±10%)
Board dimension tolerance±0.1mm ~ ±0.3mm
PTH hole tolerance±0.03
NPTH hole tolerance±0.02
Impedance tolerance±5% ~ ±10%
SMD Pitch0.2mm(8mil)
BGA Pitch0.2mm(8mil)
Aspect Ratio1:40
Chamfer of gold finger(Contact)20,30,45,60
Testing10V-250V,fly-probe or testing fixture
Others TechniquesGold fingers,Blind/Buried hole,peelable soldermask,Edge plating,Carbon mask,Kapton tape,Countersink/counterbore hole,Press fit hole,Via tented/covered with resin,Via plugged/filled with resin,Via in pad
Standard size250mm*1500mm
Line Width & Spacing0.08mm
Drill Hole0.1mm
Laser Hole0.05mm
Raw materialPI /FR4 /LCP/PET/STEEL
Solder mask bridge between dam0.1mm
Etching H/W/space0.02mm/0.1mm/0.1mm
testingOAI/ CMM/ Slice /microscope/E-test/ fly test
surface finishedENIG/Silver/copper/codon
Standard size250*500mm
Line width and spacing0.1mm
Lay count6 up
Min Drill hole and Laser hole tolearn10%
raw materialPI, LCP, FR4, STEEL, PET
solder mask0.1mm
Etching H/W/space0.03mm, .01mm, 0.1mm

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