Ultimus I

Ultimus I

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The Ultimus 1 from Nordson Corporation is a high-precision Fluid Dispenser for exceptional process control in medical device, electronics, and other critical dispensing processes. It has a cycle rate of more than 600 cycles per minute and the time for each cycle ranges from 0.0001s to 999.9999 s. Each dispensing cycle can be initiated via a 5–24 VDC signal, foot pedal, or finger switch, and the end of the cycle is initiated by feedback circuits operating at 5-24 VDC, 100 mA maximum. This dispenser has a 0–7.0 bar (0–100 psi) pressure regulator that is suitable for all fluids. Additionally, the pressure readout accuracy is around ±0.1 bar (±2.0 psi). The equipment is available in a benchtop cabinet that measures 14.3 x 18.1 x 17.3 cm, weighs around 2.3 kg (5.0 lb) and requires an AC supply from 100 to 240 V.

With a simultaneous digital display of all dispenser settings and a time adjustment precision as fine as 0.0001 seconds, the Ultimus I dispenser sets a new standard for process control in industries such as medical devices and electronics. It features constant-bleed air pressure regulation and offers intuitive pressure setting adjustments, making it a reliable and user-friendly solution. This dispenser has an array of features, including an all-digital multi-function display, 16 memory settings, 4-decimal time setting, operator lockout of time setting, and multilingual display options, all powered by a universal power supply. With the ability to save up to 16 dispensing programs, it enables smooth transitions between various applications, ensuring a higher level of precision and consistency in critical processes on a global scale.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Ultimus I
  • Manufacturer
    Nordson Corporation
  • Description
    Benchtop Fluid Dispenser for Medical Devices and Electronic Processes

General Parameters

  • Pressure Range
    0 to 7.0 bar
  • Power Supply
    100 - 240 VAC (+/-10%), 50/60 Hz, 0.6A (AC input), 24 VDC @ 1.04A (DC output)
  • Net Weight
    2.3 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    143 x 181 x 173 mm

Technical Documents

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