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The RX-6B from Juki Americas is a Pick and Place Machine that is designed for efficient and precise component placement on printed circuit boards. It comes with 6 heads that use vision detection to handle various components of varied sizes and is suitable for PCB dimensions of 610 x 590 mm with a max height of 33 mm. This machine has a placement accuracy of ± 0.04 mm and ensures precise component placement of components as small as 4.02 mm and as large as 50 mm. It has a high placement rate of 26000 cp which makes the whole PCB assembly process extremely quick and efficient. The overall dimensions of the equipment are 1250 x 2095 x 1440 mm, and it comes with 160 pieces as its maximum number of feeders.

The RX-6B has straightforward programming offering direct input, teach-in by the digital camera, laser centering technology for high speed, and accurate placement. It can capture real-time pick and placement images with the built-in ultra-miniature camera which helps in the prevention of placement of defective PWB Prevention. This pick-and-place machine offers high productivity, flexibility, and quality. It uses a new head design for increased placement speed compared to previous models and the replaceable heads allow users to configure a production line best suited to the current requirements.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Juki Americas
  • Description
    6-Head, 26000 CP Pick and Place Machine

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Number of Heads
    6 Heads
  • Placement Rate
    26000 cph
  • Placement accuracy
    ± 0.04 mm
  • PCB Size
    610 x 590 x 590 mm
  • Max no. of feeders
    160 pcs
  • Smallest Component capability
  • Largest Component size
    50 mm
  • Vision system
  • Overall Dimensions
    1250 x 2095 x 1440 mm

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